Home Repairs

Everett Neighborhood Association (ENA) is promoting local organizations who can do volunteer, or qualified income assistance repair or maintenance on your home. If your volunteer organization would like to be promoted, feel free to contact Everett Neighborhood Association to talk about it.

If you have home repair or maintenance jobs from changing a lightbulb, painting a deck, yard work, light repair work, and more, then check out these organizations.

Call them to find out what they can do, how they can help, and when their service work is available. If it's a fit between your needs and their service offerings and schedules, then you could be on your way to getting some help with those chores that are often left undone.

Check them out below and call today!

While our organization is best known for building new homes, we also partner with qualified homeowners to assist with a variety of projects from large-scale repairs to smaller-scale energy efficiency upgrades so homeowners can continue living in safe, decent, affordable homes for many years to come.

Every family should have the opportunity to afford, maintain and preserve their home. Unfortunately, there are many situations that create barriers for families to keep up with repairs, including unexpected life events or loss of income. Habitat Lincoln partners with qualified families to provide necessary repairs to their homes. https://lincolnhabitat.org/programs/home-repairs.html

  • Immerse is a service trip in Lincoln, Nebraska designed to engage middle school and high school youth groups in a diverse ministry experience. While in Lincoln, there are many areas the students spend time in, including a variety of service, including cooking, construction, yard work, painting, sports ministry, children’s ministry, and more. Immerse only functions during June and July. If you have a project in mind, it needs to be communicated by March/April so that plans can be made for it. http://immerselincoln.org/

Kustom Kleanouts is a small local company, providing:

  • Hauling

  • Junk Removal

  • Container Rentals

  • Small Interior or Exterior Demolitions.

If you need a single item removed or a whole house cleared out, we have you covered. Tree limbs? Yard Debris? Hot tubs? Remodeling Debris? Yep we can help with those too.

Maybe you'd like to rent a 15 cu. yd. container and fill it yourself over the course of several hours to a week. All items are scanned for recycling, donations, reuse, or disposed of.

Kustom Kleanouts is insured, reliable, professional, and prompt. We show up clean, sharp, and focused on completing the job at hand. As a company we have even donated services, depending on the needs. Call us for details.

You can connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Nextdoor, Google Profiles, or simply contact us directly at 402-858-1001 or email at hauling@kustomkleanouts.com.